Who We Are: Venezuelan American Leadership Council

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council is a grassroots movement. We're working together to bring democracy and peace to Venezuela, which has suffered for too long. The economy has collapsed, Venezuelans are starving, and the government is making the situation worse through its oppression.



Martin Rodil is the founder and CEO of InterAmerican Solutions (IAS) and the president of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council. He is an expert on Latin American politics, money laundering investigations and the financial analysis of terrorism. He has provided consultancy and investigative services to individuals, private companies and government institutes. Above all, he is a proud Venezuelan whose goal is to help bring true freedom and democracy to the people of Venezuela. Through sharing his knowledge, expertise and opinions, Rodil provides a nuanced picture of the political-financial dynamics in Venezuela in particular, and Latin America as a whole. His activism is now legendary having assisted several Venezuelans who needed to flee their country. In addition to his role at the IAS, and helping the many Venezuelans who approached him for assistance, Rodil played a crucial role in the creation of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council. 




Vice President of Latin America

Before joining the VALC team, Venezuelan Political Scientist Miguel Angel Mirabal had a successful career in the areas of Political, Social, Electoral, and Academic consulting. He possesses a Political Science degree with a focus on Public Policy from the Fermín Toro University in Venezuela. Since 2009, Miguel has been heavily involved in political consulting in Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States. He has also served as a professor of Human Development in the Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado in Venezuela.



Project HAVEN Director


Rafael H Castillo P serves as Project HAVEN Director for VALC. Originally from Miranda, Venezuela, Rafael attended the Loyola University Maryland where he  graduated with a degree in Social Science specializing in Latin American Human Right issues. While at university, Rafael established a non-profit organization to help the underprivileged community in Venezuela. This experience inspired him to move again, this time to Washington, D.C., so he could advocate for justice in Latin America, specifically in his home country Venezuela.