Venezuelans pour across Colombian border again in search of basic goods

The Venezuela-Colombia border was briefly opened again for another 8 hours, with an estimated 123,000 Venezuelans pouring through, according to AP. The Venezuelan authorities said that the border opening took place “in an orderly manner and under conditions of security.” 

It is the third time this month that the border, which has been closed for the last eleven months, has been opened. In a 12-hour window last week, an estimated 35,000 Venezuelans crowded supermarkets to obtain vital products. This came after a few days previously, nearly 500 Venezuelan women wearing white, stormed the Colombian border, in a desperate attempt to get their hands on basic foods and medicines. This week, Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin said that she will meet with her Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez on August 4 to discuss the re-opening of the common border.