Venezuelan government still blocking humanitarian supplies

The government of Venezuela has not moved to lift a block on the importation of medicine, despite a critical shortage, Caritas Venezuela reports.

Yaneth Marquez, the director of the Catholic charity, said that a shipment of medicine from Chile was being held by the government, although all the necessary paperwork had been cleared in advance. She said that officials at the government’s health ministry had promised they would get Caritas permissions, but failed to respond to urgent requests. "The Church is very worried because the situation worsens, while the procedures of Seniat -Venezuela’s customs and border authority- are becoming complicated, and we need a permit" she added.

The government’s refusal to accept international humanitarian aid—at a time when the people are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine—has been one of the top items on the agenda in Vatican-mediated crisis negotiations between government and opposition leaders.