Venezuela’s new supreme court president is a convicted felon with a shady past

Venezuela’s new Supreme Court President is Judge Maikel José Moreno Pérez, a convicted felon.

Moreno, who was previously Vice President, was convicted of the murder of Ruben Gil Márquez in 1989 while serving as a Director of Intelligence and Prevention Services official.

The new president of the highest court served one year in prison after being granted a procedural benefit in 1990. After three months, he entered the Judicial Branch as a secretary of a court in Caracas despite having only studied one semester of law at Santa Maria University, where he graduated in 1995.

According to several investigations, Moreno has also been accused of “forging records and procedural documents,” but these charges were dismissed by the country’s highest criminal court, which operates under the government’s control.

Moreno is also involved in state prosecutor Danilo Anderson’s murder proceedings, as friends close to Anderson claim to have seen him the same night of the incident.