Venezuela’s FM Accuses the US of Plotting to Topple the Maduro Government at the OAS Meeting

In a surprise move, Venezuela requests an extraordinary meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) to discuss whether they should be suspended from the group, following a request for such action by opposition parliamentarians who recently visited Washington DC. Venezuela’s move is viewed by many as an attempt to demonstrate support within the OAS, as many other South American plus Caribbean states are still regarded as allies.

Argentina’s Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra flies to Washington DC for the OAS meeting and says that as rotating chair of the OAS Permanent Council, Argentina will be paying particular attention to “the complex situation in Venezuela.” At the meeting itself, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez accuses the United States of plotting to topple the Maduro government and using the secretary of the OAS to try to engineer Venezuela’s suspension from the organization. She says, “This is part of the ongoing and relentless aggression by the United States against Venezuela.”

In another diplomatic development, Pope Francis wrote a letter to President Maduro, expressing his concern over the dire economic and humanitarian situation in Venezuela.