Venezuela ruling party may seek to dissolve congress

Venezuela’s coalition government is reportedly seeking to dissolve the congress, as rifts keep widening between President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition, which controls the chamber.

Ruling coalition spokesman Didalco Bolivar said Tuesday that Maduro's side “has started discussions to request a consultation with the constitutional chamber of the Supreme Court” with the aim of “the abolition of this National Assembly.”

The move came after controversy emerged out of a move by some members of the congress who had collected signatures for a recall vote to cut the term in office of Maduro. Sources in Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) claimed there were irregularities during the gathering of signatures and said the government may submit a request to the high court to dissolve the parliament over the fraud.

Jorge Rodríguez, a senior member of the PSUV and a former vice president, said Monday that the opposition disregarded Venezuela’s constitution when collecting signatures because, in his words, they could not validate the number of signatures they provided to the National Electoral Council (CNE).