Venezuela prison mass grave yields 15 corpses, three headless

Fifteen corpses, three of them headless, have been found in a mass grave at a Venezuelan prison and more may be discovered, investigators said.

Authorities have given no explanation for the deaths and there has been little national outcry given the litany of horror in Venezuela's prisons in recent decades. The public prosecutor’s office said more corpses may be found.

Rights group A Window On Liberty has said the number of victims, presumably killed in gang violence before the prison was recently closed for refurbishment, could rise to 100.

Venezuela's prisons are notorious for ease of access to weapons and drugs as well as mobile phones and computers hooked up to the Internet, allowing inmates easy access to the outside world, often to run criminal activities. Some prisons have discos and even swimming pools.

The country's more than 30 facilities house about 50,000 people, but were built for a third of that, rights groups say.