Venezuela government, opposition officials discuss new talks

Representatives of Venezuela's government and opposition began meetings in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday to explore possibilities for restarting talks on resolving the South American nation's economic and political turmoil.

Dominican President Danilo Medina said he met with delegates from both Venezuela's government and the opposition for more than five hours. 

"There is a lot of willingness to reach some kind of negotiation," Medina said, adding that more meetings would be held Thursday. 

Jorge Rodriguez, the mayor of Caracas who is on the government delegation, expressed optimism about the chance for new negotiations. 

But earlier in the day, Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges, who leads his country's opposition-controlled National Assembly, said there would be no new talks until conditions outlined by the main opposition coalition have been met

Among the conditions are setting a complete electoral calendar including the 2018 presidential election, freeing political prisoners, allowing humanitarian aid and respecting institutions like the opposition-controlled congress.