Venezuela: 75% of population lost 19 pounds amid crisis

Venezuela's Living Conditions Survey found that nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of at least 19 pounds in 2016 due to a lack of proper nutrition amid an economic crisis.

Venezuelans are not consuming the 2,000 recommended daily calories needed, the survey said. Venezuela's extreme poor said they have lost more than 20 pounds.

According to the survey, 82.8 percent of Venezuelans are considered poor due to their income and 52 percent live in extreme poverty. 93 percent of Venezuelans do not have enough money to cover their food expenses and over 60 percent said they eat twice a day or less.

Martiza Landaeta, a doctor specialized in nutritional food planning who is the coordinator of research and teaching at Fundación Bengoa, said the government of President Nicolas Maduro needs to urgently address the "intensive" food crisis in Venezuela because "children, adolescents, mothers and elderly are dying."

The food crisis has also created an education crisis, as more than 1 million children no longer attend school, mostly due to hunger and a lack of public services.