VALC welcomes Kerry call for recall referendum in Venezuela

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) applauds US Secretary of State John Kerry’s call to proceed with a proposed referendum on the rule of Venezuela’s President Maduro.

Speaking at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) earlier today, Kerry also urged that the Maduro regime release political prisoners and respect freedom of expression and assembly. He also expressed support for OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro’s call for an emergency debate on Venezuela’s disregard for democracy.

Kerry’s strong stance comes as President Maduro’s regime continues to violently quash popular protests and deny the Venezuelan people their constitutional right to vote on his rule. VALC has already launched an online petition for Americans to show their solidarity with Venezuelans’ demand for a recall referendum.

VALC’s Executive Director, Carlos Marquez said: “By throwing his weight behind the recall referendum process, Secretary Kerry has made clear that Washington supports the democratic rights of the Venezuelan people. Venezuelans are facing unimaginable daily struggles. Many can no longer put food on the table. Kerry’s statement shows that they have not been forgotten.

“We call on world leaders and especially those within the OAS to follow Kerry’s example and call out the serial abuses being carried out by the Maduro regime. If the OAS hopes to have continued relevance in the region, then its member states must now band together and demand that Maduro’s government either respect the voice of the Venezuelan people or resign.”