VALC to Protest at DC Embassy Demanding Maduro Give a Sh*t About Venezuelan Human Rights

Monday 23 May (Washington DC) – Representing the concern of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan Americans, the Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) will lead a protest on Wednesday 25 May outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC. They will express solidarity with the Venezuelan opposition's push for a recall referendum on President Maduro’s position, an entirely peaceful and constitutional initiative which enjoys huge public support. 

The initial requirement to begin the referendum process, to collect 200,000 signatures was recently eclipsed with 1.85 million signatures within days. Meanwhile, a poll indicates that two-thirds of Venezuelans would vote to oust Maduro in a recall referendum. However, the Maduro regime is persistently obstructing this constitutional process.

The regime-backed National Electoral Council (NEC) inexplicably took two months to hand relevant documents to the opposition to begin collecting signatures. The NEC initially refused to begin counting the signatures and then delayed completion of the count. Last week, Maduro dismissed the recall referendum as “optional” and threatened to make the opposition-controlled parliament “disappear.” Around two dozen popular protests have subsequently taken place across the country, with further demonstrations set for Wednesday.

Maduro’s contempt for democracy and the will of the people, is compounding the extreme suffering of Venezuelans, who contend daily with serious food shortages, lack of everyday drugs and routine blackouts. 

VALC is therefore throwing its’ support behind the people of Venezuela, whose constitutional rights are being trampled upon. VALC has already launched an online petition for Americans to show their solidarity with Venezuelans’ demand for a recall referendum.

VALC will lead a protest on Wednesday 25 May at 4pm outside the Venezuelan Embassy, 1099 30th St NW, Washington, DC 20007. Protestors will call for the Venezuelan people to be permitted their legal right to vote for change and highlight Venezuela’s descent into a humanitarian crisis. VALC supporters will offer embassy officials a package of basic goods, including flour and sugar, which are scarce in Venezuela itself. In particular, this offer of aid will include large quantities of toilet paper, another increasingly rare commodity in Venezuela. This will be accompanied by the highly-visible slogan “Why doesn’t Maduro give a sh*t?”

VALC’s Executive Director Carlos Marquez commented ahead of the protest, “Venezuelans are enduring appalling everyday conditions and shortages. Maduro refuses to take meaningful action and he is now doing everything possible to remove their only remaining glimmer of hope – a recall referendum. We are sending a strong message to the Venezuelan people, on behalf of all freedom-loving Americans, that they are not alone.”   


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Editors Notes: 

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) is a registered and incorporated non-profit organization in the United States of America.


VALC serves as the American voice raising awareness of the plight of the Venezuelan people and to advocate for a free Venezuela. VALC is a broad-based movement with no partisan affiliation. 


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In support of Wednesday’s protest, VALC is promoting the hashtag #ReferendumNow, alongside the already trending #CNERevocatorioYA.


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