VALC to broadcast live developments from huge referendum protest

Wednesday 31 August (Washington DC) - The Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) will be broadcasting real-time developments from key protests in both Caracas and Washington DC to demonstrate support for a democratic vote on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s position.  

VALC will be joining Venezuelan community and human rights groups (Venezuela Human Rights, Lucha Democratica, Voluntad Popular Internacional, Red Activistas Venezolana, Vente Venezuela – Mundo Vente, Seamos Una Voz Por Venezuela) tomorrow (1 September) between 3-6pm outside the Venezuelan Embassy (1099 30th Street, NW Georgetown).

Tomorrow’s solidarity protest in Washington DC will take place in parallel with a massive demonstration in Venezuela’s capital Caracas, where huge numbers from across the country are expected to gather to demand a recall referendum. Maduro has threatened a potentially violent response against those who oppose him. VALC will be broadcasting live from both events via our Facebook platform.

VALC has consistently urged the United States to increase pressure for a timely recall referendum. A recent poll indicated that 88 per cent of likely voters would choose to oust Maduro in such a vote. Given such overwhelming popular support, the Maduro regime is persistently obstructing the referendum process, which constitutionally must be completed by 10 January 2017 to unseat Maduro.

VALC has already launched an online petition for Americans to show their solidarity with Venezuelans’ demand for a recall referendum. VALC is also promoting the hashtag #ReferendumNow, alongside #CNERevocatorioYA and encouraging our supporters to contact their elected representatives to make their voices heard.

VALC’s Executive Director Carlos Marquez will be available for comment and analysis throughout tomorrow, as developments unfold in Venezuela.

In advance of tomorrow’s events, he said: “The Venezuelan people have suffered for too long at Maduro’s hands. The recall referendum is their final glimmer of hope and Maduro is attempting to extinguish it. Tomorrow’s crucial demonstration promises to be an overwhelming show of public sentiment. It is the culmination of years of misery. There is a feeling that it really could be an historic day for the country. The Venezuelan people are taking a stand and we stand proudly alongside them.” 

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