VALC Protest at DC Embassy Sends Solidarity Message to Venezuelan People Over Recall Referendum

Thursday 26 May (Washington DC) – Sending a powerful message of support to the Venezuelan people, the Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) yesterday led a protest outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC, in solidarity with the popular effort to hold a recall referendum on President Maduro’s position.

Several dozen protestors gathered yesterday afternoon, coinciding with fresh demonstrations in Venezuela itself, demanding that the Venezuelan people be allowed their constitutional right to vote for change.

1.85 million Venezuelans recently signed official documents in support of beginning the referendum process and polls indicate that two-thirds of Venezuelans would choose to oust Maduro in such a vote. However, the Maduro regime is persistently and deliberately obstructing the constitutional process. Meanwhile, Venezuelans are suffering daily, due to severe food shortages, lack of everyday drugs and routine blackouts.

Protestors outside Venezuela’s Washington Embassy yesterday held placards demanding “Referendum Now” and asking the Maduro regime “Why don’t you give a sh*t?” in reference to the chronic shortage of basic goods in Venezuela, including toilet paper. VALC representatives presented the Embassy with a symbolic package of humanitarian aid, including foodstuffs which have become scarce in Venezuela such as flour and sugar.

VALC’s Executive Director Carlos Marquez commented, “Today, we showed the Venezuelan government that Americans won’t sit quietly and allow basic human and civil rights to be abused on our doorstep. Venezuelans simply want change, to relieve their everyday suffering. By obstructing the recall referendum, Maduro is effectively holding the Venezuelan people prisoner to his regime’s chronic failure.”    

“Venezuelan Americans are deeply concerned about the desperate situation of family and friends back in Venezuela. Our voice to demand freedom and democracy in Venezuela is getting louder all the time. We call on our leaders and representatives here in Washington to join our cause and in doing so, stand up for this great nation’s defining values.” 

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Editors Notes: 

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC) is a registered and incorporated non-profit organization in the United States of America.


VALC serves as the American voice raising awareness of the plight of the Venezuelan people and to advocate for a free Venezuela. VALC is a broad-based movement with no partisan affiliation. 


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In support of a recall referendum, VALC is promoting the hashtag #ReferendumNow, alongside the already trending #CNERevocatorioYA.


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For further information, comment or interviews with VALC representatives, please contact or call 202-695-3096