US official meeting with Maduro questioned at House subcommittee

Thomas Shannon, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs meets withPresident Maduro in Caracas. Maduro says “I gave Shannon a message to take back to President Obama… Hopefully in these last seven months of his presidency, we can start down the path toward dialogue.” Shannon also met with opposition leaders, who told him that Maduro only favors dialogue with the opposition in an attempt to waste time. Shannon emphasizes that dialogue “doesn’t replace the recall referendum, it didn’t replace the – Secretary Almagro’s invocation of Article 20. These are separate tracks that run along separate lines and are not mutually exclusive.”

Nonetheless, US Representative Jeff Duncan, a South Carolina Republican who is chairman of a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, questioned at a hearing why the Obama Administration is engaging with the Maduro regime, which has a “blatant record of controlling all facets of the government.”