Time for action, not talk

Dialogue in life should be a good thing.  Dialogue should lead to compromise.  Dialogue should be an equalizer; a moderator.  So why is the current dialogue between the Venezuelan dictator Maduro and the democratically elected opposition right now so cynical and dangerous?

If the core tenet of the dialogue were the replacement of the illegitimate dictatorial Maduro regime and the peaceful transition to democracy, then we would of course concur. Anything else, however, is nothing short of a farce.  

Let us not forget that a constitutionally legal petition – with over two million signatures –demanding a referendum on the president’s rule has been stymied by the regime and its cronies.  

We jumped though all the legal hoops only to have the path to freedom brutally blocked.  It is important to understand that if the required referendum is held after 10 January 2017, then even if Maduro loses, he will be replaced by his deputy, and the regime will have won.  


The current dialogue is mere filibustering, but without the democracy!

Dialogue for the sake of dialogue is bad enough.  But what is happening now is actually weaponized dialogue. 

Every day the dialogue goes on, heels are dragged and the average Venezuelan continues to starve.  

Procrastination through conversations will not solve food and medicine shortages, nor will it remedy the street violence, nor will Venezuelans wake up suddenly enjoying their constitutional and human rights. 

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