Supreme Court Acquiesces to Maduro and Throws Out ‘Amnesty Law’

Complying with a request by President Maduro, the Supreme Court throws out the so-called ‘Amnesty Law,’ passed by the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which would have freed more than 70 political prisoners. In its ruling, the court said the law allows for impunity, echoing language used by Maduro.

In response to the Supreme Court decision, Freddy Guevara, a legislator with the Popular Will party says “Obviously this puts the government against the Constitution and against the people… If the people voted for us, it’s clear those who voted agreed with our agenda — including this amnesty law.” A Miami Herald editorial slams the Supreme Court ruling, saying “By killing the amnesty law, Mr. Maduro and his servile judicial branch effectively closed the door on political reconciliation in a bitterly polarized country.” 

Meanwhile, the United Nations calls the Supreme Court decision a “very, very disappointing development” and says that the law “was a great move towards dialogue and reconciliation.”