Riots, looting in Venezuela; opposition leaders arrested

Venezuelan authorities said Friday they had arrested two opposition youth leaders, the latest move in a crackdown against ongoing anti-government protests that have left five people dead.

Jose Sanchez and Alejandro Sanchez were arrested "for organizing terrorist acts and assaults against the peace of the country," Interior Minister Nestor Reverol wrote on Twitter.

The two are youth leaders of the Justice First party, one of the main opposition groups.

Henrique Capriles, Miranda state governor, said 15 shops, including several bakeries, were looted in the town of Los Teques, near Caracas. Speaking at a news conference, he alleged that "all the acts of vandalism" were ordered by the government.

Justice First rejected Reverol's allegations, writing on its Twitter account that the two youth leaders were "abducted" by military intelligence forces. "Nestor Reverol, the real terrorism is the one you are leading by repressing the people," it wrote.