Opposition warns over country’s future

Venezuelan opposition party, Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), has warned that postponing a pending presidential recall referendum could have dire consequences. The party's executive secretary Jesus Torrealba said pushing the referendum to next year could bring the country into “a zone of turbulence.”

In an interview with Time Magazine, opposition leader Henrique Capriles says “I fear there will be an explosion in Venezuela and it will finish collapsing.” He also posits, “The armed forces are arriving at a difficult hour, decisive, and they are going have to take a decision: are they with Maduro, or are they with the constitution.” He adds, “My opinion is that a new government should focus on three things: food, medicine and security.”

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s Supreme Court invalidates decisions taken by the opposition-controlled National Assembly on 31 May, which called for the intervention of international organizations. The court said that they “are not proper given the constitutional order.” The court also said that National Assembly Speaker Henry Ramos Allup “should stop pretending to lead the country's foreign relations.”