Opposition Takes First Steps Towards Recall Referendum

Following significant foot-dragging, opposition parties are finally given the documents needed by the National Electoral Council to start gathering 200,000 signatures required as a first step towards a recall referendum against Maduro. Two days later, the opposition says it has collected more than one million signatures. If these initial signatures are approved, the next step would require 20 per cent of eligible voters to sign within three days, amounting to around 4 million signatures.  

Venezuela’s National Bank refuses to pay members of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Meanwhile, Jesus “Chuo” Torrealba, the executive secretary of Venezuela’s opposition alliance known as MUD, is attacked but unhurt at an anti-government protest in Caracas. The Assembly itself censures. Food Minister Rodolfo Marco Torres after he failed to appear at a parliamentary hearing over the country’s nutritional emergency. The opposition calls for Torres’ removal, but the regime call it purely a symbolic gesture.