Opposition, Regime Face Off Over 'Amnesty Law', Recall Referendum

Officially responding to the opposition-dominated National Assembly’s passage of the so-called ‘Amnesty Law,’ which would free more than 70 political prisoners, President Maduro vetoes the bill and asks the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, opposition supporters including 30 lawmakers, are attacked as they march toward the National Election Council in Caracas to obtain forms for collecting signatures needed for a recall referendum to oust Maduro. Clashes ensued involving around 150 people, with several hurt. Meanwhile, the regime-dominated National Electoral Council insists that only it can reform the rules governing a recall referendum, indicating it will vehemently oppose opposition plans to initiate such a vote. 

The National Assembly gives initial approval to the “Bill to Address the Humanitarian Health Crisis.” If passed, it will amount to a declaration of an official health crisis and enable the country to receive aid from abroad and request assistance from the World Health Organization. Legislators loyal to Maduro accuse the opposition of encouraging foreign intervention. 

Maduro himself indicates that he may employ his own legislative maneuver, by considering a constitutional amendment to limit the National Assembly’s term to 60 days, in order to “clear the path of coup-mongering.”