Opposition passes ‘Amnesty Law,’ pro-Maduro judiciary likely to block legislation

The opposition-controlled National Assembly passes the so-called ‘Amnesty law’ which would free more than 70 political prisoners, including figurehead Leonoldo Lopez. The National Assembly is set to overrule Maduro’s Presidential veto, but the judiciary is likely to block passage of the law. Maduro said in a televised speech, “Attempts to free terrorists and criminals cannot go through.”

Meanwhile, opposition parliamentarian Juan Pablo Guanipa says that in tandem with the ‘Amnesty Law,’ the opposition will pursue a recall referendum to unseat President Maduro. In another clash between the National Assembly and Maduro, the legislature questions the legality of a deal announced in February, which sees Roseneft pay the state-owned oil company PDVSA $500 million for ownership in the Petromonagas crude-processing joint venture. The opposition says all such deals must be approved by the National Assembly.