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Statement from Vice President Mike Pence's Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director Jarrod Agen

The Vice President is honored to represent the United States at the 8th Summit of the Americas at President Trump’s request. He looks forward to promoting policy that will lead to an even stronger U.S. economy and working with our close allies in Latin America to collectively hold undemocratic actors in the region accountable for their actions.

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Cuba Is Making the Crisis in Venezuela Worse

With President Donald Trump singling out “the communist and socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela” in his State of the Union address and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson using his first trip to Latin America to rally regional support for tougher measures against Venezuela, the Trump administration is clearly signaling its intention to escalate diplomatic and economic pressure on the authoritarian regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

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In 2018, Chavismo's Time May Finally Run Out

U.S. policy toward Venezuela is changing — and so are political dynamics in Latin America

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EU to levy arms embargo on Venezuela, sets basis for sanctions: diplomats

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union ambassadors agreed on Wednesday to impose an arms embargo on Venezuela and set out the legal basis for further sanctions in response to the political crisis in the South American country, two EU diplomats said.

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Department of State - Anti-Democratic Actions by Maduro Regime in Venezuela

Press Statement

Heather Nauert
Washington, DC
November 7, 2017

The United States condemns the Maduro regime’s increasing disrespect for democracy and fundamental human rights in Venezuela. By attempting to strip the democratically elected National Assembly’s Vice President and opposition leader Freddy Guevara of his parliamentary immunity and barring him from leaving the country, the regime is pursuing yet another extreme measure to close the democratic space in Venezuela, criminalize dissent, and control information.

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If the Trump White House doesn't do something, Venezuela will collapse

The authoritarian regime in Venezuela has managed to buy time by rigging elections and avoiding default on its massive foreign debt. However, Caracas’ decision to allocate $2 billion in hard currency to bondholders rather than food imports may prove to be a fatal—particularly if the regime led by Nicolás Maduro faces another round of international sanctions or street protests by desperate, hungry people.  

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Amnesty International Press Release: Repression taken into people's living rooms as home raids surge

Nights of terror: Attacks and illegal raids on homes in Venezuela reveals how Venezuelan security forces and government-sponsored civilian armed groups have violently broken into people’s homes in recent months as a way of intimidating them against taking part in demonstrations or any other form of protest.

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US will take "decisive action" against Cuba, Venezuela - Trump

US President Donald Trump announced Friday that his administration will take a "decisive action" against "communist" Cuba and "socialist" Venezuela.

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Venezuela opposition says ballot sheet unfair for October 15 vote

Venezuela’s opposition said on Friday the pro-government election board was seeking to skew regional elections in favor of President Nicolas Maduro’s ruling socialists by including the names of candidates defeated in primaries on the ballot.

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