Nephews of Venezuela first lady convicted of cocaine plot

Two nephews of Venezuela's first lady could face life in prison after they were convicted for trying to smuggle almost 2,000 pounds of cocaine into the US last year.

A Manhattan federal court jury returned its verdict against Efrain Campo, 30, and his cousin Francisco Flores, 31, after less than a day of deliberations.

US District Judge Paul A. Crotty said the defendants would not be sentenced before March, though no date was set.

Assistant US Attorney Brendan Quigley said the defendants thought they were above the law. 'They thought they could operate with impunity in Venezuela because of who they were and who they were related to,' Quigley said in a closing argument Thursday.

'They thought they could easily make tons of money sending drugs out of the country because, as defendant Flores said, the DEA is not here and the Americans don't come in here. But they were wrong.'