My Turn. Airing Art and Stories of Venezuela

7 years in America, and I live with the fact that almost nobody knows what the situation in my home country is. A country that’s only 2,000 miles away (from DC), to which you could fly to in about 4 and a half hours -even if I personally don’t recommend visiting soon-

Why do you know so little about our crisis? Why are we not considered refugees? Why do we know about the Watergate Scandal, but you don’t know about April 11th?

Why is Venezuela so close, but so foreign? 

Through storytelling, readings, song, and just plain conversation, us Venezuelans will share what is like to make a forced home away from home, focus a spotlight on the biggest exodus in the nation’s history, explain the causes of our exile, and share our relationships with our birth country, controlling the narrative around our domestic history.

• Fabiola Cristina María Rondón Delgado (Fa) - Culture Strategist/Arts Patroness/Former Lawyer
• Manuel Enrique Gago Sangronis - Activist/Country Specialist at Amnesty International
• AnaYelsi Raquel Velasco Sánchez - Artist/Storyteller
• Roger Emilio Santo Domingo Yilales - Writer/Journalist/CEO of CITIZENZ

Flyer for MY TURN DC

April 11, 2018 at 6pm - 8pm
The Stew

Will you come?