Maduro pledges no recall referendum this year

President Maduro tells state television, “There will be no blackmailing here. If the recall referendum’s requirements are met, it will be next year and that’s it.” Opposition leader Capriles tells Christiane Amanpour on CNN, “I think that we are not only going to win the recall vote, but we are going to change Venezuela.” He explains that “It's very important that you understand that the recall vote is a constitutional right, which has to be done this year” especially as “there are small social explosions that are taking place” in Venezuela. 

The NEC accepts 1.3 million of the 1.85 million signatures gathered to trigger a recall referendum. However, in another tactic apparently designed to delay the process, the NEC says that signatories will be given a week to decide whether they wish their names to remain on the petition and those who wish to do so will then need to have their fingerprints double-checked. Plus, it will take a further 20 working days to determine whether to move to the next stage of the recall referendum process.