Maduro Declares 60-Day State of Emergency, Blames United States

President Maduro declares a 60-day state of emergency, claiming a US-led plot to overthrow him. He told a television address “Washington is activating measures at the request of Venezuela’s fascist right, who are emboldened by the coup in Brazil.” It remains unclear what impact the state of emergency will have on individual rights or rule of law.

The following day, Maduro orders military exercises within a week to counter perceived threats. He told a rally, “I have called for military exercises ... to prepare for the defense of our land, our children, our rights to peace.” 

According to US intelligence analysts who briefed a handful of reporters, there is an increasing possibility that Maduro could be pushed aside by members of his own socialist movement before finishing his term. Although they emphasize that there is no concrete evidence of such a development, an intelligence official says “You can hear the ice cracking. You know there's a crisis coming.” Meanwhile, an AP report says that China is cooling its ties with Venezuela and has “quietly been courting a newly emboldened Venezuelan opposition that is trying to force Maduro's recall or resignation.”