Maduro coalition suggests it will ask to ban National Assembly

The 12 political parties that make up the pro-government coalition Polo Patriótico (Patriotic Pole) in Venezuela have held meetings to discuss the possible dissolution of the opposition-led National Assembly. Jose Pinto, secretary general of Tupamaros, one of the coalition parties, says they may make such a request to the Supreme Court, as “One… the National Assembly usurped the presidency’s task of controlling foreign policy; two, Henry Ramos, the president of the Assembly, committed treason when he visited the OAS offices in Washington last week; and three, the referendum process led by the opposition has been full of illegalities.” 

Meanwhile, Henry Ramos says that the Maduro regime should be on “advance notice” and will soon be out of power. The opposition MUD coalition asks electoral officials to start the second stage of the recall process against Maduro, saying there is no reason to delay following the validation of more than 400,000 signatures to initiate the process.