Maduro accuses US embassies in Latin America of plotting to intervene in Venezuela

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro is claiming once again that the United States is pressuring Latin American governments to support a “global intervention” in Venezuela.

In a television broadcast, Maduro stated that American embassies around the continent are promoting a political and diplomatic intervention in Venezuela.

“The US Department of State has put into action all its ambassadors in the world,” Maduro said. “Particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, pressing all governments to support a political, diplomatic and global intervention in Venezuela.”

This is not the first time that Maduro has claimed the United States is trying to invade or intervene in Venezuela, but on no occasion has he shown any evidence.

It is no coincidence that Maduro’s statements took place after the opposition-majority National Assembly came out in support of the Democratic Charter implemented by the Inter-American Democratic Charter (IDC) in Venezuela.