Letter to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson

This is a letter from Martin Rodil, the president of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council, asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to demand the immediate release of Venezuela's political prisoners, including American citizen Josh Holt, as well as to call for free and fair elections in Venezuela: 


Martin Rodil

President of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council

Washington DC

January 25, 2017

The Honorable Secretary of State R.W. Tillerson

State Department of the United State of America

2201 C Street, NW

Washington DC


CC: Sen. Mike Lee; Sen. Orin Hatch; Sen. Robert Menendez; Sen. Ben Cardin; Sen. Bill Nelson; Sen. Marco Rubio


Dear Mr. Secretary,


Congratulations on being appointed Secretary of State of the great United States of America. As proud Venezuelan Americans, here at VALC, we look forward to seeing you fight for what is best for America, as well as the Americas.

I write to you in the most troubling of times.  Venezuela, a country with which you are well acquainted, has become a socialist dictatorship par excellence.  The corrupt Maduro regime has destroyed the country’s economy, devastated the health system, and created a real humanitarian crisis; right on our doorstep.

At the same time, Maduro and his cronies are holding over 100 prisoners of conscience in dungeons across the country.  One of the prisoner is an American from Utah named Josh Holt.  Mr. Secretary, Nicolas Maduro mocks this great nation, while trampling all over his own.

As you step into your new role, we urge you to take action and demand the immediate release, not only of Mr. Holt, but of all of Venezuela’s prisoners of conscience, who are rotting in prison cells simply for having the ‘wrong’ beliefs.

We also wish to reiterate the calls of the Venezuelan people for a constitutionally binding recall referendum on President Maduro, in addition to free and fair elections immediately.

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council, the mouthpiece of liberty loving Venezuelan Americans, looks forward to working with your administration to help bring democracy and freedom to the people of Venezuela after so many years of pain and misery.

Yours sincerely,


Martin Rodil

President of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council