Letter from Miguel Mirabal to Luis Almagro


Mr. Luis Almagro
Secretary General
The Organization of American States
200 17th St. NW
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of The Venezuelan American Leadership Council team and myself for your thorough report on the situation in Venezuela on March 14, 2017. As Venezuelans and democrats, we enormously value your effort to highlight the blatant violation
of the constitutional order and human rights that our country is suffering.

This updated report validates the concrete denouncement that you made last May. Thus confirming that not only did the government under Nicolas Maduro ignore to adopt any of the recommendations from the OAS, but also managed to completely rupture the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

We thank you for your unequivocal and conclusive statement as well as your courage to follow through until the ultimate consequences of suspending Venezuela from the OAS, as long as the regime remains outside the guidelines of the national constitution.

As always, we are at your disposal, ready to help in whatever you need from our organization.


Miguel Mirabal

Vice President for Latin American Relations