Joshua Holt still not able to come home

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The new year is not starting off as the family of Joshua Holt hoped it would. The family hoped his hearing near the start of the year would bring him home. But the family will have to keep waiting.

On Thursday, Josh was scheduled for another hearing before a Venezuelan judge. For the fifth straight time, the hearing did not happen.

According to a Facebook post by his mom, a notice was posted on the courtroom door on Thursday. It read, roughly, that "courts are not working."

For the first two of Josh's hearings, the judge was a no-show. The third time, the hearing was simply postponed. And the fourth time was postponed because of the holidays.

Joshua Holt and his wife Thamy have been in jail in Venezuela for close to 200 days now. Holt is accused of being a U.S. spy and terrorist.

Josh's dad, Jason, posted on Facebook saying, "Once again Josh and Thamy are held captive and not given their day in court....all we can do is continue to pray and hope our government helps."

No new date for another hearing has been scheduled yet.

Holt lives in Utah but is originally from Pocatello. He still has some family in Pocatello as well.

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