International Diplomatic Pressure On Maduro To Find A Solution Increases

Organization of American States’ (OAS) Secretary General Luis Almagro robustly responds to Maduro’s allegation that he is a CIA agent, working against Venezuela. In an open letter to Maduro, Almagro calls him “a betrayer of your people with your rants and supposed ideology without content… You are a traitor of the ethics of politics with your lies.” Writing in the New York Times, Ernesto Londono says that Almagro’s letter “has opened the door for other leaders in the region to take on Mr. Maduro,” which would “undermine the president’s ability to continue shrugging off international condemnation as rumblings of a coup.”

Ex-Spanish premier Jose Maria Aznar and 23 former Latin American leaders sign a declaration expressing concern over the collapse of constitutional order in Venezuela and protesting “political persecution” of opposition parties there. The governments of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay urge Venezuela's ruling party and opposition groups to hold talks and end the country's political crisis. Meanwhile, the Obama administration supports an initiative by former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to diffuse the political situation. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urges “the Government and the opposition should address the country's current challenges through meaningful dialogue.”