Grassroots Groups Protest at OAS Meeting, Calling for Secretary Kerry to Back Venezuelan Democracy

Wednesday 22 June (Washington DC) – Representing the concern of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan Americans, five grassroots, pro-democracy and human rights groups will protest outside the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters in Washington DC (17th St and Constitutional Ave, NW) on Thursday 23 June at 10am

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council (VALC), Lucha Democractica, Venezuelan Human Rights, Red Activista Venezolana and Voluntad Popular Internacional will demonstrate a united front of all those concerned at the suffering of the Venezuelan people due to the mismanagement, neglect and ongoing abuses at the hands of President Nicolas Maduro, whose regime continues to display utter disregard for democracy.

Supporters from all five organizations will protest under the banner “All for Venezuela” as OAS member-states meet inside the building to discuss a damning 114-page report issued last month by OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, which detailed Maduro’s anti-democratic rule. It recommended applying the organization’s Inter-American Democratic Charter, a measure reserved for those dangerously damaging the democratic order, which if applied could see Venezuela suspended from the OAS. The protesting groups will call for the region’s leaders, including Secretary of State John Kerry to wholeheartedly back Almagro’s initiative.   

Daily life in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. 95% of hospitals report a dangerous shortage of supplies, while at least four people have died this month in frantic riots for food. Given the desperate situation, the protest will urge OAS member-states, including the United States, to support application of the Democratic Charter.

VALC’s Executive Director Carlos Marquez will be broadcasting from the demonstration in real time via Facebook Live. Ahead of the protest, Marquez commented, “The situation for ordinary Venezuelans is appalling. Maduro’s regime is to blame and yet he takes zero responsibility and has no plan to save the country. Regional intervention through the OAS represents one of the last remaining hopes of salvation for the Venezuelan people.” 

“Democracy has sadly become a distant memory for Venezuelans. Many opposition leaders are imprisoned, while Maduro ignores the democratically-elected parliament. With Maduro refusing to hand the people their constitutional right to a referendum on his rule, the time has come for the region’s leaders, including Secretary of State John Kerry to take action.”

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