Government asks electoral body to ban opposition over recall referendum

Thousands take to the streets of Caracas and elsewhere after the National Electoral Council (CNE) failed to make an announcement as expected, over the next stage of the recall referendum process. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said, “There can’t be any dialogue ... if the government is going to steal the right of the people to express themselves through a recall.” The opposition MUD faction is denied access to CNE offices and instead delivers a letter to a CNE representative detailing that it has complied with every detail for the first step of the recall referendum process. 

Meanwhile, the Maduro regime asks the CNE to ban the MUD, alleging that they have been “involved in the worst vote fraud in the country's history,” according to a Maduro aide. He claimed that that signatures of almost 11,000 dead people and 3,000 underage children were included in a petition submitted in May among more than 1.8 million signatures calling for a recall referendum.