Fears Over Law and Order, Health Situation Intensify

In an interview in Americas Quarterly, a Caracas councilman describes the growing violence and crime in the city. He says “This year will without a doubt be the most violent in the history of our city,” and “In recent weeks we have seen real massacres as authorities turned a blind eye.” An alleged thief is beaten and burned alive in the streets of Caracas, in a brutal case of ‘mob justice,’ while elsewhere in the country three police officers are shot dead in a jailbreak. 

Meanwhile, the Director of Epidemiology at the central state of Miranda's health department says the scarcity of clean water and personal hygiene products has increased the cases of scabies, malaria, diarrhea and amoebiasis in Venezuela. An NPR report says that the Venezuelan government is suspected of deliberately downplaying the number of Zika cases in the country.