Ex-Spanish PM Zapatero meets jailed opposition leader Lopez

Ex-Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero meets with opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez for ninety minutes in his jail. Zapatero is spearheading an attempt at dialogue between the government and opposition. Prison authorities have previously turned back former leaders from Colombia and Chile, plus high-level delegations from Spain and Brazil, who requested to meet Lopez.

Another opposition leader Henrique Capriles says “There has been no dialogue here, the culture of dialogue has been destroyed… The government is only interested in a show and in buying time.” A Reuters profile of Capriles, who appears to be gaining popularity and is leading the drive for a recall referendum, says he is considered more moderate than Lopez. However, it speculates, “Some believe the referendum drive is doomed and Capriles has no alternative strategy, meaning his star will wane again and the more aggressive tactics prescribed by Lopez will be vindicated.”