Electoral board sets timetable: Recall referendum unlikely this year

President of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) Tibisay Lucena says in televisedcomments that the next stage of the recall referendum process, collecting signatures from 20% of registered voters, would “probably” take place in late October. Election officials would then have 29 days to confirm the signatures and then 90 days to hold a referendum. It means a vote to recall Maduro probably would not happen until January or February, by which time rules stipulate that his deputy would assume power if ousted.

The opposition calls for a nationwide protest march to Caracas on 1 September. 14 OAS members, including the United States, say in a joint statement that the recall referendum should “be pursued clearly, concretely and without delay, and thus contribute to the quick and effective resolution of the current political, economic and social difficulties in the country.”