Assad to Maduro: Syria, Venezuela paying price for sovereignty, independence

President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday a phone call from President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, regarding the latest developments in both countries.

Maduro congratulated al-Assad and the Syrian people on the important achievements in “the war against terrorist organizations” which are “backed by countries hostile to Syria,” adding that these achievements came as a fruit for the exceptional struggle showed by the Syrians and their support to the leadership against this war. 

The Venezuelan President affirmed his country’s firm support to Syria, hoping peace and stability would return to the Arab country as soon as possible.

President al-Assad, for his part, appreciated Venezuela’s stances and President Maduro for supporting Syria, stressing that what is going on in the two countries is the result of foreign attempts to weaken them, through striking stability and spreading chaos in both nations. 

Foreign interference is “the price that Damascus and Caracas pay due to their commitment to sovereignty, independent decisions, rejection of the west’s dictates and their accomplices, and the protection of our peoples’ interests,” affirmed al-Assad.