Announcement expected as support for recall referendum gathers steam

A decision on whether to proceed to the next stage of the recall referendum process will be made on Tuesday 26th, according to Tibisay Lucena, who heads the National Electoral Council. The next stage would require a quarter of all voters, around 4 million people, to pledge their support.A poll by Caracas-based Venebarometro finds that 58 percent of voters said they were “very willing” to sign a recall petition versus just 40 percent in February. 88 percent of “likely voters” said they would vote to remove Maduro.

Twelve prominent ‘Chavistas,’ including former lawmakers and three ministers or secretaries under Hugo Chavez’s presidency, wrote an open letter to the National Electoral Council saying the people of Venezuela should be able to express its’ will via a referendum. They said, “It wouldn’t be good for the country if the Electoral Power blocks the people’s right for a referendum.” Meanwhile, opposition leader Henrique Capriles warns that if there is not “a peaceful, electoral solution to the crisis,” then there could be a “social explosion.”