Almagro leads OAS condemnation of Maduro

Secretary General Luis Almagro launches a blistering attack on President Maduro at the OAS permanent council meeting in Washington DC. He says “The situation facing Venezuela today is the direct result of the actions of those currently in power” and calls Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis “unprecedented and unnecessary.” He adds that “Fundamental freedoms, human rights and democracy do not only exist when it is convenient… When there are clear violations, we have an obligation to address them, especially when it is difficult.”

United States’ representative at OAS Mike Fitzpatrick, welcomes Almagro’s report, saying it “complements and does not compete” with dialogue efforts spearheaded by former-Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. Meanwhile, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez claims “There is no humanitarian crisis” and accuses Almagro of leading “a coup… to over(throw) the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro.”