Venezuela’s government, opposition agree to road map on economy

Representatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition parties, following a second round of talks brokered by the Vatican, agreed on a tentative road map to address a political and economic impasse that’s driven the oil-rich nation to its knees.

The Vatican delegate, Claudio Maria Celli, discussed developments at a press conference that followed four hours of talks in Caracas on Saturday. A third meeting has been set for Dec. 6 to further discuss points of agreement.

Representatives of the government and opposition read a joint statement at the press briefing on their commitment to “a peaceful and constructive co-existence” and to resolve differences within a “constitutional and electoral framework.”

Certain demands made by the opposition, including a recall referendum against Maduro’s rule, an early presidential election and the release of prisoners, weren’t addressed in Celli’s comments. “Peace is succeeding,” Maduro said on Twitter after the meeting.

Progress cited by the opposition include respect for National Assembly’s autonomy, election of three lawmakers in dispute, election of new Electoral Board members, freedom for prisoners and government authorization for medication to be delivered into Venezuela, opposition representative Carlos Ocariz said.