Venezuela’s economic crisis is so bad that parents are giving away their children

Some parents in Venezuela are giving away children they can no longer afford to feed or care for properly. Mothers and fathers are leaving their children with neighbors who are in more fortunate circumstances, extended family members, or state agencies and charities, which report a noticeable increase in the number of incoming children.

The economic crisis -sparked by dropping oil prices, an immensely mismanaged economy, food riots, and starvation- is forcing many to abandon their children.

Zulay Pulgar, 43, one mother that made the unfathomable decision, said that she asked a neighbor to begin taking care of her six-year-old daughter in October. “It’s better that she has another family than go into prostitution, drugs or die of hunger,” said Pulgar, whose household of five had been living on US $6 per month. Reuters learned of cases where infants had been abandoned in still-wealthy districts of other cities.