Venezuela police block opposition lawmakers in protest march to National Assembly

Venezuelan riot police clashed with thousands of anti-government demonstrators and opposition lawmakers on Tuesday in some of the largest protests in months against socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Police blocked the opposition's march to the National Assembly, where lawmakers planned to hold a session to debate removing Supreme Court justices who ruled last week to seize legislative powers from the opposition-controlled parliament.

At least nine people were injured, including one person who was shot in the leg, as police backed by tanks and anti-riot vehicles fired tear gas and pepper spray on demonstrators.

Among those who felt the burn of pepper spray was National Assembly head Julio Borges, and former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles. "This is how they show disrespect for people sworn in as lawmakers," Borges said on Twitter. "Lawmakers assaulted on Libertador Avenue as we headed in to hold a session."

Unable to hold the session at the National Assembly, debate on removing the judges was postponed until Wednesday. Any vote would largely be symbolic because the Supreme Court has reversed most decisions by lawmakers since the opposition took control of the parliament in 2015.