NEC Says No Date Set For Next Phase of Recall Referendum, Questions Original Signatures 

The regime-controlled National Electoral Council (NEC) says that no date has been set for the second phase of the recall referendum process to take place. NEC Vice President, Sandra Oblitas commented “We reiterate that there is still no date for 20 percent of the signatures collection.” The vice president of Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello says “It is impossible to hold a referendum here in Venezuela this year, they can say what they want.” 

Tania D'Amelio, one of the directors of the NEC, says on Twitter that of the 200,197 signatures that have been analyzed from the original names collected, 21,560 were found incomplete. Meanwhile, the opposition protests against a decision by the Maduro-backed Supreme Court to ban demonstrations near the NEC offices. Current protests and discontent are featured on NPR.