Maduro delivers state of the union at Venezuela's high court; opposition accuses him of violating constitution

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro delivered his annual state of the union address at the Supreme Court on Sunday, an act that his opponents called unconstitutional. 

Opposition lawmakers in the Venezuelan parliament said Maduro had violated the country’s constitution by delivering his state of the union speech at the Supreme Court instead of the National Assembly.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles slammed Maduro's address in a tweet and said that he was "a costly error in our history". The new parliament speaker Julio Borges told reporters that the president’s attitude confirmed that he was “acting outside the constitution”.

However, the president defended his stand and said that he remained "committed to dialogue and to harmonious, balanced, constitutional solutions".

During his address, Maduro announced that he was postponing the decision to withdraw highest denomination banknotes – the 100 bolivars – from circulation until 20 February. Maduro added new notes would begin circulating on 16 January.