Venezuelan American Leadership Council

At VALC we believe that times of great commotion require all affected and concerned parties to take a stand and to respond in a cohesive and orderly fashion, pooling strengths and efforts to achieve common goals. We have watched with increasing concern the progressive deterioration of the Venezuelan refugee crisis in Colombia. With this in mind, we have been working for the past months on Project HAVEN (Humanitarian Assistance for Venezuelan Refugees). With project HAVEN we intend to pool resources and coordinate the relief efforts aimed at assisting Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia. We understand we are taking on a massive endeavour, however we are firm believers in the commitment of all of our followers and contributors to seeing this through and are confident that if we come together and work hard towards our common goal, we will not only achieve it but will surpass it. Stay tuned in the coming days for more information regarding how you can contribute to this effort. In the meantime please text “SOSVZLA” to 414-44 to make a donation. Every contribution no matter how big or small can make a huge impact on the lives of those who we intend to help.

Who We Are: Venezuelan American Leadership Council

The Venezuelan American Leadership Council is a grassroots movement. We're working together to bring democracy and peace to Venezuela, which has suffered for too long. The economy has collapsed, Venezuelans are starving, and the government is making the situation worse through its oppression.

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Statement from Vice President Mike Pence’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Communications Director Jarrod Agen

The Vice President is honored to represent the United States at the 8th Summit of the Americas at President Trump’s request. He looks forward to promoting policy that will lead to an even stronger U.S. economy and working with our close allies in Latin America to collectively hold undemocratic actors in the region accountable for their actions.

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Cuba Is Making the Crisis in Venezuela Worse

With President Donald Trump singling out “the communist and socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela” in his State of the Union address and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson using his first trip to Latin America to rally regional support for tougher measures against Venezuela, the Trump administration is clearly signaling its intention to escalate diplomatic and economic pressure on the authoritarian regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

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In 2018, Chavismo’s Time May Finally Run Out

U.S. policy toward Venezuela is changing — and so are political dynamics in Latin America

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EU to levy arms embargo on Venezuela, sets basis for sanctions: diplomats

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union ambassadors agreed on Wednesday to impose an arms embargo on Venezuela and set out the legal basis for further sanctions in response to the political crisis in the South American country, two EU diplomats said.

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